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Monthly Rentals

Monthly Rentals

We have private used vehicles with possible financed agreements as well as commercial taxi agreements for motivated entrepreneurs.

Luxury Vehicles

Luxury Vehicles

Our company provides an impressive selection of luxury cars for first class business and private short distance trips.

Short Term Rental

Short Term Rental

Are you in town for a short period? Maybe a few days or a week, but you want to see the sights and you need a car to do this. We are the most...

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ABC CarZ is here to be your car provider. Be this as a lease, rental or purchased agreement.

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In a very short time, car rental service has become the need of many residents and visitors.

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Our cards are easy to use: hold it ot the windshield, or tap the app. There you go, inside!

Enjoy Driving

Our app gives you the opportunity to quickly and effectively apply online. After, we send you a card to acces the vehicle.

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